The 2 hectare vineyard is located at the height of 200mt. absl. in a hilly area with very favourable exposure, inside the DOC (certified as first-class product) area and have an average density of 5,000 vines/ha. The average temperature of the site is around 15°C with quite frequent rains in spring and rare in summer, during the maturity period of the grapes.

The production islimited to the progress of the vintage and the harvest by hand is completed only after the full maturity with the selection of the best bunches.
The plants are raised with notoriously "qualitative" guyot pruning and spurred cordon systems.
Particular attention is reserved to the meticulous care of the pruning systems, both trimming and shoot thinning, in order to guarante the maximum quality.

The average production per plant is very low (always less than one Kg/plant).

    The 3 wines produced are:

  • Pietra Dura (Montepulciano and Shiraz)
  • Rocca Monaldeschi(Montepulciano and Shiraz)
  • Uve di Marte(Montepulciano white-winefermented)
  • Profumo di Uve Grappa(distillation of Montepulciano marc)
  • Pietra Vergine Oil(Leccino olives)