Profumo di Uve Grappa

Profumo di Uve Grappa is obtained from the distillation of Montepulciano marc derived from the fermentation of Pietra Dura wine. When fermented the marc is transferred to the distillery right after the devatting and a soft pressing.

The distillation is performed within 12 hours of receiving, by the artisans of the prestigious distillery Nannoni di Paganico (Tuscany), with a rare bainmarie process in little copper stills.

The grappa is preserved in barrels made of Taransaud French oak from 12 to 18 months, subsequently diluted with spring water and brought to an alcoholic content of 42% with no added sugar or aroma.

  • Marc:Montepulciano derived from fermentation of Pietra Dura
  • Distillation:by double bainmarie pass in copper stills
  • Rest:from 12 to 18 months oak barrels
  • Alcoholic content:42%
  • Bottle:in clear glass of 50 ml

Soft grappa, aromatic, velvety, warm colour. Elegant structure and great personality.

For an optimal tasting that brings out all the aroma, is advisable to oxygenate for a few minutes at a temperature of 12°C