Pietra Vergine Oil

Pietra Vergine Oil is obtained exclusively from Leccino olives, cultivated in steep and rocky lands. The harvest is made by hand in order to maintain the integrity of the fruit and all its freshness.

In order to prevent oxidation and obtain a better quality oil, the olives are taken to the oil-mill for the cold pressing by 2 hours from the harvest.

The oil, fresh of pressing with its marvellous fruity aroma and rich of antioxidant properties, is first filtered and then preserved in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature, where it maintains at the best its organoleptic features. The colour is expressed green with golden tinges, with an intense and persistent taste.

  • Extra virgin olive oil Systems: Castiglione in Tev. (VT)
  • Training system: multi-branched vase
  • Resting area: steep
  • Altitude: 250mt/absl
  • Main variety: Leccino
  • Harvest: by hand named Brucatura
  • Sporadic variety: n/a
  • Harvest period: October – November
  • Pressing: continuous cycle, cold, by 2 hours from the harvest
  • Preservation: stainless steel tanks
  • Packaging: bottles of 0,5 l